Sunday, December 12, 2004

meme archival

and, before i forget

haroun & the sea of stories, featuring the work of mr. nigrini

thanksgiving stuffing:

bluewater grill
le refuge (yum)
gotham bar and grill (double yum)

take one and pass it on

worth reading: 10 ideas for 2008

some of my favorite sound bites:

A healthy democracy is not a herd of sheep that legitimizes its shepherd by taking a vote.

...if you're looking for an air-tight guarantee that you or your loved ones won't be victims of terrorism, you need to move to a police state. You may not be brave enough to live in the Land of the Free.

The Right talks about our troops, but government schools, government regulations, and government land. To feel the full force of that framing, try the experiment of reversing it: our schools, government troops.

The Left needs to inspire people to be citizens, not just consumers. We need to involve them in the processes of government, to have them look up from the purchasing decisions of today and consider the world they want to leave to future generations.