Monday, August 30, 2004

rnc march, aug 29

Luckily, it was not a typical NYC August day. It was sunny, and probably 80 degrees, but there wasn't much humidity, and there was a slight breeze, even in the crowds. We were silly enough to forget sunscreen and something to cover our heads, but kind folks in the crowd gave us sunscreen and bandanas. And, semi-miraculously, Genevieve and I ran into two groups of people we knew.

From within the crowd, it was impossible to get a sense of the scale of the march, since you could only see people and signs as far as the eye could see. The group that sponsored the march (United for Peace and Justice) estimated the crowd at "more than 500,000", the New York Times said the police basically agreed, CNN called it "tens of thousands", and Fox News just called it a "swarm".

There was plenty of chanting and random cheering, but for some reason the only bits I can remember were "Fox News sucks!" and "Fox News lies!" Note the Fox News sign a block to the North/right of Madison Square Garden... Macy's also had a huge screen showing a live Fox News feed, which got a lot of booing, except when they showed a segment with a shot of Kerry and Edwards.