Sunday, August 15, 2004


Got into JFK at 1am after an uneventful flight. Shrek 2 is quite lame the second time around.

Stayed up until 5:30am (eastern, which is quite reasonable on pacific time) futzing on Holiday Inn's free wireless Internet access. The Internet is way more interesting than hotel TV at 3am.

Arrived in the city and got the keys at 1pm. My new place is in the East Village.

First things first - getting rid of my cruddy/annoying Verizon phone/service. Back to Cingular. Turns out porting your phone from SF to NY (through them, at least) is annoying, so i got a new 212 number.

Then on to K-mart, for something to sleep on, etc. My stuff doesn't arrive for another few weeks.

The rest of the day I've spent hopping between free WiFi access points in the neighborhood, in order to get some work done (I'm on duty today). Links and tips:

Free Wireless Internet (WiFi) Access Points in Manhattan, New York
free wi-fi New York hotspots wireless internet access list
- cool, but flaky Internet access (too many users using a single DSL line?)

veniero's pasticceria
- only has WiFi 8am to 4pm

ace bar
- doesn't actually have WiFi (or at least it wasn't on when I was there)

public library @ 10st bewteen a/b
- not open on sundays

sympathy for the kettle (tea shop on 8th at A)
- so far, so good

My first night in the apartment (kinda fuzzy - maybe I'll get a better one soon...):